Six benefits of print management companies

Print management companies can help you to save time and money on all of your printing-related activities, but what are the six main benefits of working with a print management company?

  1. A budget-friendly option

For a set monthly fee, print management companies take care of all of your printing needs. Outsourcing increases efficiencies and eliminates random purchasing – no hidden or unexpected costs.

  1. Guaranteed cost savings

It’s safe to say that organisations with in-house sourcing will never achieve the level of savings that a print manager can offer, the function is not core to their business and there is likely to be a lack of printing knowledge – making sourcing the right product at the best price difficult.
As a print management company will generally manage many procurement activities for different organisations and companies, they have added leverage, as they are purchasing in volume. This in turn is passed down to the customer in the form of cost savings. These savings cannot be achieved if the buying process is done by many different departments and managed locally, rather than centrally.

  1. A catch-all option

Managed print solutions, such as Enterprise, cover all of your printers, photocopiers and ink. From an automated supply of high quality printer cartridges using print manager software – to managing and maintaining your entire printer fleet – print management companies take care of it all, on your behalf.

  1. The newest print management software

Print management companies take advantage of the very latest print management software solutions. Print procurement technology enhances business processes, by streamlining quoting, improving the print job process and using digital asset management as a central repository for marketing assets and documents.

Many organisations will not have adequate budget or the infrastructure required to implement a print management procurement program, whereas print management companies specifically aim to improve and invest in the technology, ensuring that customers can place orders online and all print jobs are managed accurately and delivered on time.

  1. Accountability

Outsourcing to a managed print service ensures that companies are accountable and able to show cost savings via metrics and reports that include KPI’s and SLA’s, to demonstrate effectiveness.

  1. Innovation

It’s fair to say that all organisations want to ensure that their printed communications and marketing collateral are at the forefront of their competition. Print management companies provide innovation and creativity – because of their expertise in design and print and knowledge of the market place. To this end, they will keep up-to-date with advancements in the print industry and pass these developments on to the customer.

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Our Enterprise service – for medium to large businesses, comprises of a flexible range of printing solutions, tailored to meet the individual requirements of your company. From an automated supply of high quality printer cartridges using our Print Manager software, to managing and maintaining your entire printer fleet – we will establish the best printing solution for your business, at a cost-friendly monthly fee – and take care of it all on your behalf. Find out more here

The first step towards reducing your business printing costs is to arrange a free print audit.

During your audit, we will take an inventory of your printers to establish what they are used for and gain an understanding of how much your business is printing. We will then provide a free no obligations proposal and calculate a cost-effective fixed monthly fee for the provision of a tailored printing solution to help reduce your business printing costs.

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