Your Printing Could Be Costing You More Than You Think

Not Just Cartridges

Hardware and cartridge costs are not the only issue – your employees can end up spending a lot of time dealing with broken (or too many) machines and monitoring/ordering ink supplies.

Major Cost Factor

It is estimated that the average cost of office printing is around 5% of annual turnover. To put this in perspective – if your turnover is £10m, your yearly printing costs could be £500k.

Low Productivity

Your productivity and bottom line will suffer, as employees are taken away from value-creating tasks to deal with printer issues. Your ability to forecast and plan effectively will be diminished.

Don’t Get Caught Out by Common Mistakes

Quick Fixes Do Not Work

In a crisis situation, you may be tempted to buy a new printer as a quick solution – only to have it break down within months.  Then you have to buy a new one. Or the printer runs out of complimentary ink. This is a never ending cycle with potentially astronomical costs.

Avoid “Bad” Contracts

Inflexible contracts can leave you shackled to long leases (often 5 year contracts) that are not managed correctly, involve additional, unexpected costs, provide terrible customer service and simply do not suit the requirements of your company anymore.

We Have The Solution

Fully Managed

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