Another 6 great reasons to outsource your print and copy management!

4796S8J3HFG2SJThe demand for managed print services (MPS) is at an all-time high, as organisations make the switch in a bid to save time and money on their printing-related activities.

By changing over to a managed print solution, companies gain access to expert support and resources, are able to highlight areas for cost reduction and business improvements, can implement new technologies much more quickly, boost performance and re-shift focus to core business activities.

In our recent blog, we provided 6 reasons as to why you should choose managed print services – here are 6 more!

  1. You’ll gain access to expert support and resources

By choosing a specialist print management company, you can tap into the very latest information on new software and hardware. This provides you with peace of mind that you will always have access to the best equipment available, thus driving down costs and increasing efficiencies in your business. Your print management company will pass on the benefits from the latest training in both hardware care and software, negating the need for your staff to spend more money and time learning/researching independently.

  1. Highlight areas for cost reduction and business improvements

A print management company will assess your current print and copy behaviour during an initial audit, reporting on current costs and any inefficiencies that they can address. This initial investigation is without obligation to purchase anything – at Blueprint Document Solutions we offer a completely free audit ( The provider will assess a wide variety of aspects, including energy consumption, the types of documents that are being printed, the current performance of your machines, etc. – then provide a comprehensive report to you with a proposed plan of action.

  1. It’s all taken care of!

All of your printer maintenance and consumables will be managed by your print management provider. Remote monitoring software means that you won’t need to dash out to buy replacement toners – a new cartridge will be despatched before the current one runs out. This also means that you won’t have to store a supply of toners in your office, saving on office space. The printers and copiers themselves can also be monitored remotely, so, when engineers arrive at your premises, they already have the information that they need about the problem, leading to a quicker fix and less time required trying to explain what is wrong. A managed print service (MPS) also means simpler billing – maintenance, consumables and printing are all covered in one, regular, fixed cost.

  1. Implement new technologies quickly

Management will generally be able to provide you with list of projects that they believe can add significant value to a business, but are likely to take significant resources, time and energy to implement. Very often, a review of print and copy infrastructure will fall into this category – they know that it could potentially deliver impressive cost savings and efficiency benefits, but the project itself may seem a little daunting. Outsourcing is a brilliant way to access the resources and expertise required to make this innovation happen, while removing the time-consuming tasks of planning and implementation and the need to hire new people/ train existing staff, by bringing in qualified and experienced external print experts.

  1. Re-shift focus to your core business

In an ever-changing climate, businesses have finite resources and employees have limited time. By outsourcing your print and copy management, employees can stay focussed on core business needs, rather than having their time taken up dealing with printer/copier issues.

  1. Boost performance

If you have one company overseeing all of your print and copy requirements and resources, you can be assured that your infrastructure is being managed more efficiently. Following the initial audit, your provider will implement a plan suited to your individual business needs – and it doesn’t end there. You can expect a dedicated service team to offer ongoing guidance, ensuring that all of your machines are kept well maintained and up-to-date, therefore minimising down time. The alternative can involve many different departments, managing their own needs, leading to uncontrolled costs or a very stressed out IT team!

At Blueprint Document Solutions, we have a range of print services to help you reduce your costs and energy usage.

Our Infinity service – for home office users, small businesses and schools, enables you to print as much as you like, without worrying about running low or out of ink, for a low fixed monthly cost (starting at just £9.99). We can supply you with a brand new top-of-the-line inkjet printer and enable you tap into an unlimited supply of printer ink – saving you time, money and hassle. Find out more here.

Our Enterprise service – for medium to large businesses, comprises of a flexible range of printing solutions, tailored to meet the individual requirements of your company. From an automated supply of high quality printer cartridges using our Print Manager software, to managing and maintaining your entire printer fleet – we will establish the best printing solution for your business, at a cost-friendly monthly fee – and take care of it all on your behalf. Find out more here

The first step towards reducing your business printing costs is to arrange a free print audit.

During your audit, we will take an inventory of your printers to establish what they are used for and gain an understanding of how much your business is printing. We will then provide a free no obligations proposal and calculate a cost-effective fixed monthly fee for the provision of a tailored printing solution to help reduce your business printing costs.

Drop us a line or give us a call to find out more.



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