Why should you outsource your copying and printing?

The management of printing tasks within your business can cause a whole host of problems and be a very time consuming endeavour.  Let’s face it – when your business is growing, the last thing that you need is to spend excessive time sorting out your copying and printing needs – and this is where outsourced print management comes in.


A third party specialist company can handle all of your printing and copying needs, making it super easy for you and eliminating your maintenance worries.

The technology in printers and photocopiers has evolved over the years to become more sophisticated – meaning that the machines can send warning emails to your provider when toner or ink is running low. A managed print services provider can then send you toners before you run out – and before you start panicking about everything that you have left to copy! Naturally, this also means that you won’t have a cupboard or storeroom full of inks and toners – saving you time and storage.

Outsourcing your print will also make your printing and copying usage more effective for you, via an assessment of your individual needs as a business. During an initial audit, the sort of documents you are printing/copying and frequency will be analysed

Blueprint Document Solutions Print Services can help you to significantly cut down on your printing costs by delivering ink, before you run out, using our intuitive Print Manager software. No more stock, no more re-ordering and no more printer downtime.

We can help

Our managed print service, for medium to large businesses, comprises of a flexible range of printing solutions, tailored to meet the individual requirements of your company. From an automated supply of high quality printer cartridges using our Print Manager software, to managing and maintaining your entire printer fleet – we will establish the best printing solution for your business, at a cost-friendly monthly fee – and take care of it all on your behalf. Find out more here

The first step towards reducing your business printing costs is to arrange a free print audit.

During your audit, we will take an inventory of your printers to establish what they are used for and gain an understanding of how much your business is printing. We will then provide a free no obligations proposal and calculate a cost-effective fixed monthly fee for the provision of a tailored printing solution to help reduce your business printing costs.

Click here to arrange your audit today.

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