Are you paying a mint for your print?

Many businesses have no idea how much it actually costs to run their printers – and it could be a lot more than they think. Take a look at these figures – they may come as a bit of a surprise!

  • 3% – the average amount of business revenue eaten up by copying and printing*
  • 5% – the portion of your total IT budget used to meet the cost of printing**
  • 56% – the percentage of printer running costs spent on paper, cartridges and drums***
  • 90% – the number of organisations that don’t know the true cost of printing***
  • £100 – the average cost of a printer repair callout (if you’re not on a contract)*
  • £436 – the average annual printing cost per employee*
  • £12,000 – the annual cost of printer downtime across European companies****

*Computer Weekly
**Gartner Technical Research
***International Data Corporation Market Research

Printing costs which, as you can see from the above statistics, are largely taken up by consumables (cartridges, paper etc.) are often lost in general office expenses, which is why the real cost of printing often comes as a shock.


You may have a good idea of how much it costs to light and heat your building, get it cleaned and maybe even the rental for the water cooler, however, when it comes to print costs, 90% of businesses still don’t know their exact expenditures – and they can account for 3% of your annual revenue – a significant cost.

How to find the true cost of print

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to find out how much you’re spending (and how much you could potentially be saving) – by arranging a print audit with your local Blueprint Document Solutions store.

A print audit enables us to look at every aspect of your business printing – by simply managing your print more effectively you can save up to 40%!

Even better, moving to Blueprint Document Solutions Print Services means you’ll always know how much you’re spending on print. It puts you in control, without adding to your workload. For a fixed monthly fee you will get a full print management package which covers the cost of printing (including hardware, consumables and maintenance) – it’s a cost efficient way of running your business printing.

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