How Print Management enables healthcare providers to focus on patient care


health providers can benefit from a print management service

Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to improve operations and maximise the value of technology investments, while still delivering optimal levels of care to increasing numbers of patients.

With tighter controls on budgets and resources, it is vital for organisations in the care sector to eliminate unnecessary tasks that could be keeping employees away from patient care – this can prove to be a challenge, especially with printing activities.

Companies in the care sector have to print and copy a wide range of documents on a regular basis, including patient notes and daily activity sheets.

Ink and other consumable costs can be significantly lowered with print management – and the benefits don’t end there.

Remove the extra burden

Employees can be taken away from essential admin tasks, such as updating and managing patient records, writing up meetings and improving process documentation, to deal with printer issues and monitor/order ink supplies – this leads to extra burden, unneeded distractions and resource concerns in an already stressful environment.

Invoicing is another issue in the care services sector due to the complex management of numerous suppliers. If a company has multiple invoices for printing activities (i.e. consumables, hardware and engineer/maintenance costs) – even more pressure is placed on the accounting department.

Print management helps by removing these issues completely. Rather than spending time fixing printers, employees can concentrate on ensuring patient records are kept up-to-date and shared correctly between staff.

Failure of which could be detrimental to both the patient and the carer involved. Print Management is truly enabling care providers to concentrate on patient care, increase customer satisfaction and seize control of their budget.


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