Direct benefits of Print Management to IT Departments

Benefits3It is estimated that 15% of IT employees’ time is wasted dealing with printer issues, such as the management of broken or too many printers and the monitoring/ordering of ink and other supplies.

This is clearly a concern, given that growing pressure is being placed on IT departments to provide additional value from existing multi-functional printer (MFP) fleets in order to meet ever-changing business conditions.

Challenges for IT include (to name just a few): finding ways to make employees more productive, meeting the print, scan and copy needs of both office-based and mobile workers, compliance with security standards and minimising document security risks.

In the search for a solution, a number of new managed print solution benefits have been revealed – here are 5 Print Management advantages to IT Departments:

  1. Increased Productivity

With a managed print service, a number of different machines can be streamlined to ensure consistency and improved operations. Adoption & consolidation of current devices enables IT employees to get on with other activities, without worrying about inconsistencies. Additionally, by incorporating devices that are already in place, organisations get more value for their investment

  1. Saves Time & Hassle

Managed print service providers use advanced, specialist software to monitor cartridges and automatically send out replacements before they get low. This means no more worrying about running low or out of ink at a critical time.

  1. Full support and maintenance

If a device breaks down, the managed print service provider will fix it or deliver a loan device. This eradicates business productivity delays due to printer breakdowns. Proactive software monitors the ongoing health of machines to ensure ongoing optimal performance, leaving IT staff to concentrate on other tasks.

  1. Reduced costs & paper wastage

Everything in a managed print service solution is included in a single monthly fee, meaning that enterprises receive a simple, transparent service with no hidden costs or capital outlay – in other words, no nasty surprises! Print management solutions also help to save money by eliminating paper waste – organisations can create ‘rules’ for users or groups of users to further re-enforce cost-savings and, with a print management solution in place, better management of exactly what is being printed is enabled.

  1. Secure & mobile

By securing networked multi-function devices, enterprises can establish what is being printed, scanned and copied – a trail of meta data for each user’s activity helps companies to vastly reduce costs. BYOD is also supported – with a print management solution; printing from laptops can often be achieved via a one-time configuration. Printing via smartphones and tablets can also be enabled – users can simply send a print job via email or by uploading to a website.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why organisations are turning to managed print solutions to keep their assets secure, increase productivity and reduce costs in their IT departments and company-wide – download our free guide to discover how Managed Print Services can support your business

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