Buying a printer? What is the real cost?

what is the true cost of a printer?

what is the true cost of a printer?

Finding the right printer for your business needs is crucial.

Printing can play an important role in promoting your company. Whether it’s in form of leaflets, business cards or client’s documents, it all becomes part of your company’s public face.

What seems like a good deal at the time may cost your business a lot more in the future. Statistics show that buying a cheaper printer with higher ink prices can cost thousands (if used regularly over a three-year period).

When looking at the cost of a printer for business use there are many considerations not just the initial price of the printer its self.  To get the best money saving solutions you are required to think long term about your usage and running costs.

Cost per page

As well as your current business demands it is worth investigating the cost per page of any printer you consider purchasing. There are many different types of printers including laser and ink jet. The most effective device for your business depends a lot on your company’s requirements. We can save you time and hassle and deal with all these details for you.

To get the best deal it is essential to know the amount and type of printing your organisation requires and this is where print management can be particularly useful. Our print management services are tailor-made to your business needs; a specialist completes a full assessment of your organisation’s usage prior to any recommendations. From there all your requirements can be met by an agreed monthly fee, this includes any new devices, maintenance, ink costs etc and can save you up to 40% on your current business costs.

For more advice please feel free to speak to one of our specialists here at Blueprint Document Solutions. We are one of the UK’s leading printer suppliers with more than 15 years experience helping businesses get the best possible deal. We help thousands of companies every year, from new start-ups looking for their first printer to larger organisations that are expanding rapidly.

The advice we give at Blueprint Document Solutions is completely independent, as we don’t work alongside any particular manufacturer. We aim to help your business print better and smarter and save you money.

We offer a free, no obligation print assessment. Why not contact your local store to book yours today. Also, take a look at our top tips for reducing your overall printing costs to see what changes could be implemented into your business.

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