Managed print services help you to keep a tighter control on your printing expenses via the optimisation of your printers and their functions.

By handing over the management of your printers (including any that are malfunctioning and need repairs), the replacement of ink cartridges and oversight of your printer help desk to a managed print services provider, you will not only save time and hassle (no more calling out expensive engineers or constantly monitoring your ink levels!) but can also expect to see impressive reductions in your overall printing costs.

At Blueprint Document Solutions, we have a range of print services to help you reduce your costs and energy usage. From an automated supply of high quality printer cartridges using our Print Manager software, to managing and maintaining your entire printer fleet – we will establish the best printing solution for your business, at a cost-friendly monthly fee – and take care of it all on your behalf.

If you have more than 10 printers in your business or you have a few printers that print out high volumes of critical business documents then you are a good candidate to benefit from a Managed Print Services solution.

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Managed Print Services is a phrase which appears with increasing frequency in articles.

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