What our customers say about us


“We have used Blueprint Document Solutions since 2013 and think it’s great to deal with a local supplier. They provide a fast, efficient and friendly service as opposed to the frustration of high prices and slow delivery that we were used to before discovering them. Our machines are business critical and without this service our company and customers would be hugely affected which we simply could not afford.”

Boots Opticians


“The three-tier colour billing option, that was identified as a potential benefit during the initial print audit, has subsequently helped our business to still print large volumes of low coverage colour documents but at a much lower colour cost per page than we previously experienced, and the detail and customer service shown by Blueprint Document Solutions before, during and since the implementation of the new machine has been excellent.”

Office Manager, Viking Inspection Limited


“We have managed to save significant amounts of money on the print solution, and the consultative and non-pressurised approach taken by Blueprint Document Solutions to help identify our requirements was really helpful and the service team have subsequently also provided excellent support.”

Accounts Manager, CR Hansard Limited


“The team at Blueprint Document Solutions are always very friendly and have a fast approach to the way they work. Any orders arrive quickly and issues are resolved efficiently as we know we will have a printer engineer here before things go terribly wrong. We have always used Blueprint Document Solutions and know they provide us with the best service and advice so I am more than happy to carry on using them for the future.”

Atlas Janitorial


“We have just signed up to a print maintenance deal with Blueprint Document Solutions as we have always found the service to be friendly and very efficient and reliable. We are a large company, if the printers were to go down the business would come to a complete standstill. Blueprint Document Solutions now covers the maintenance of the machines and also monitors our cartridges for us in a fixed monthly fee, this has substantially lowered our cost and taken away any stress we had previously.”

Storm DFX


“ I always get 100% service from the team at Derby who bend over backwards to help supply cartridges or come to sort any printer issues promptly. Before we had daily frustrations of a lack of supplies and long delays in support from service support engineers. It is critical that our printers are working, without the ability to print prescriptions, our patients would not be able to receive medication. I have used Blueprint Document Solutions for 10 years and couldn’t be happier.”

Charnwood Surgery


“Because of day to day running of the business there are times when we forget to order the toners but a quick phone call to Blueprint Document Solutions and they will do their best to get them here as soon as they can. We use our machines every day and before using Blueprint Document Solutions we were having to wait 2-3 days and then the items didn’t always arrive which effected the business massively. The service they provide is amazing and the staff at Blueprint Document Solutions Derby are a credit to the company.”

Anne Burgin - Company Secretary, Rhino


“We have always found Blueprint Document Solutions to provide a quick, easy and friendly service. They always have my product in stock and will deliver it for me which helps massively as we run a small but busy company. We can rely on Blueprint Document Solutions to ensure we have the cartridges we require as quickly as they can to prevent our business from coming to a complete stop. Printing is critical for us as and knowing that Blueprint Document Solutions will keep us covered both with supplies and maintenance is a complete relief.”

Neville Davies - Hall Davies Insurance Brokers


“We have saved a significant amount of time and money since 2014 using Blueprint Document Solutions as we know they are reliable and will deliver our cartridges in the time frame promised. We appreciate their advice on the best/ most economical ways to print to save the company extra money as opposed to the shops we were using before that didn’t seem interested and were ill informed. Our business would not be able to function effectively without printing and the help of Blueprint Document Solutions.”

Linzi Martin - Terry Bushell Travel


“Before using Blueprint Document Solutions we were responsible for keeping an eye on the stock of cartridges and the maintenance of the machine. Blueprint Document Solutions have completely taken away that stress by monitoring our cartridge use, supplying the cartridges as required and also being on hand to send an engineer out to come across and attend to the machine (often on the same day) as any problems occur.”

Sophie Sawford - Senior Recruitment Consultant, Premier Recruitment


“The high standard of local service and care shown to us by Blueprint Document Solutions has been a huge benefit and we can now see the major advantages of having a managed service provider for our printers, as the hassle and reordering of toners has now been removed with the automated process that they have implemented.”

General Manager, Hayworth Care Limited


“We use our printer regularly and before Blueprint Document Solutions always had the struggles of where to buy from and if we were using the most economic supplier as we have a strict budget. We have used Blueprint Document Solutions since 2007 and trust that they give us the best service; regularly advising us on new ways to save money which helps put my mind at ease.”

Christine Meadows - Stokeswood Primary School Leicester


“We rely on our printer to document the children’s progress in our care and being without our printer would have a huge impact on the consistency of the children’s records. The fact that we can rely on Blueprint Document Solutions to provide a consistently quick service, usually delivering the same day, means that we don’t have to worry about this. Previously had to wait a couple of days to receive the cartridges which didn't work for us.”

Margaret Woodbridge - Nacro Osmaston Family Project


“We started using Blueprint Document Solutions in 2006 and have always been very pleased with the relaxed, friendly and efficient service they provide. This support is critical, as our business is a document based enterprise and printing is essential. They evaluated our printing cost and implemented a solution that has helped us save a significant amount of money and time over the last six months!”

Belvoir Derby East - Franchise Owner


“As our business grew we started to print more and Blueprint Document Solutions were very helpful and upgraded us to their print services scheme. They replaced the machines to fit our increased business needs and we now pay a fixed month fee that includes cartridges, maintenance and full support. The service has saved us time in our day to day task, and reduced our costs even more. They are always ready to help and respond quickly to any issues.”

Empire Property Concepts


“The staff at Blueprint Document Solutions have been so helpful during the time we at the Regent Hotel have used them. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and on many occasions they have even offered advice and solved problems we have encountered with printing equipment. They are always pleasant and helpful on the phone, they will deliver very quickly and promptly and pick up any empty cartridges.”

The Regent Hotel - Landmark Doncaster hotel


“The Blueprint Document Solutions team in Doncaster have recently replaced and installed a number of different machines in our Doncaster & Sheffield offices, which are much more efficient and cost effective. Their in-depth knowledge of their business has been invaluable in recommending upgrades as well as the efficient purchasing of day to day printer consumables. The service provided is much better than we could have ever anticipated, given our previous experiences.”

Taylor Bracewell - Solicitors


“Blueprint Document Solutions provide a great service to our business by giving us the best customer service they can. They are quick and efficient in what they do and they always call to see if we need anything. Blueprint Document Solutions have even done last minute prints for our business during crisis times. They have been our supplier for more than a year now and we will continue to use them for their great service.”

Doran Scott Williams - Management & Training Consultants

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